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Movie Review: Fireproof

Stacy and I are avid movie watchers. Our small group used to find it humorous how often we would relate a thought from real life to a movie scene. Something inside me can illustrate any sermon point from a good wholesome movie. I've even got them catagorized in my head--

On Leadership and Teamwork: Down Periscope, Armageddon, King Arthur and The Star Trek Originals.
On Marriage: Cinderella Man, the Incredibles, Fun with Dick and Jane, the Family Man, and Rocky III.
On History: Schindler's List, Good Night and Good Luck, Cinderella Man, Rambo, and Hotel Rwanda.
And on God at work in life: A Walk to Remember, A Nativity Story, The Prince of Egypt, Evan Almighty, Chronicles of Narnia. (there are many more, but this list is already too long)

After this past Friday, we've added another movies to our definitive favorites list: Fireproof.

What's funny, is that Stacy and I don't have much taste for Christian produced movies. We've seen the Jesus film, watched numerous local and crusade productions, and reluctantly added the Passion to our collection...but don't typically find these pictures true enough to life. Fireproof is a HUGE exception, however. We are still thinking of the rich humor, cinematography, and true-to-life depictions in the movie. We'll be quoting the lines from it back and forth for years to come, and highly recommend that you pick it up on your next opportunity for a seriously rich movie. I've included a short clip here, in case you'd like to witness a bit of movie magic. The trailer is also available, and can be viewed by clicking this link, here.