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Windows 8 First Look…The Mac Killer

For the past few years the mac users and critics have all had the same banter, "Windows is just copying Mac". Well, those days are fading fast. The giant who was said to always be behind the times, is starting to set the pace of computing once again. The Windows Phone is anything but an iPhone copy...its unique, user-friendly, and a lot more privacy-focused than either Apples phone or the Android devices.

And now, Windows 8 is going to blow the world away by bringing the personal computer and the tablet device together. Imagine, loose the $2000 Macbook and the $1000 iPad and the frustration of trying to share information between them, and do it all with one device.

More than that, think about the implications: Windows is business-ready, and fully integrated with the office systems, its the perfect, robust corporate appliance for the new age.

Watch this first official look, and be impressed...

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