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What is so special about Bible Study in 2010?

My time here at DTS continues to press some important details into my heart and mind. None so much as this: When you preach or teach from the Bible, make sure you are saying what Bible really intended to say!

Too many sermons, books, and teachers have abused the Word of God with "good intentions", and I strongly desire to help break the cycle. In that spirit, I recommend using good tools in all your Bible study, and avoiding outdated ones. I have purchased the entire volume of work on the Bible by Warren Wiersbe for that very reason...hoping to keep it open next to my Bible whenever I am preparing a sermon, to ensure I am following a clear train of thought.

Let me place the weight of my comments on a far smarter person than I, however. If this blrub peaks your interest, than PLEASE read the post by one of the translators of the NET Bible, on good and bad tools, and see why we are so blessed to studying the Bible in 2010. Read it here.

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