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Understanding Homosexuality

Recently I downloaded and began listening to a series of seminars from various sources. One such seminar was at DTS this past spring and spent four hours on the topic of homosexuality.

I started listening with a critical ear, but soonafter, I was unable to stop. Living Hope Ministries really did a great job of exploring a topic that few churches address. I learned a lot about how early childhood experiences of sexual abuse and absentee parents affect us.

While I cannot make the audio availble here or point you to the DTS site (it is currently restricted to student access only) I do want to point you to the Living Hope website ( and ask you to consider learning more about this if you have an opportunity in the future.

I also promise to follow up with both DTS and Living Hope, in hopes of seeing this content made available publicly.

What are you listening to this summer?

For DTS Students, visit here:

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