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The Pivotal Leader Saves a Nation, and Blesses the World of Men

Leadership. In our culture, leaders are attached on a daily basis...and they constantly fight the misinterpretation of their actions, the exposure of their character, and threats against their safety. In academic circles, I even find that the concept of leadership is under great attack. Some Christians will even say that leadership is only necessary because of sin.

One of the greatest stories in Scripture finds itself in sharp contrast to these common views on leadership today. It's the story of Moses and the nation of Israel, and it's dependence on the character of Moses shocks even me. Let me share with you the highlights: (The book of Exodus)

Moses is the only one in the time of the exodus who hears from God: While the people can see and hear God, the elders of the people are allowed to see and eat with God, and Moses' brother Aaron speaks to the people for Moses on God's behalf, only Moses carries a conversation with the Lord. Why God would choose to be intimate with a murderer who's wife does not appear to be obedient to God, is quite a mystery to me. It appears that God chooses select men and women in whom He trusts to reveal himself.

Moses is able to convince God to spare the lives of the entire nation: When the people sin against God by making a golden calf, God tells Moses that He will wipe out the nation. God even promises to bless Moses' with his own descendants. How Moses changes God's mind is not so much a case of reasoning as it is a powerful testimony to the willingness of God to listen to a pivotal leader.

Moses' leadership keeps God in the midst of Israel: When God becomes willing to allow Moses to lead Israel into the promised land and to claim the land without Him, Moses intercedes again. Without his powerful plea, Israel would have been a nation blessed, but without spiritual foundation.

It's an fearful thing for me to consider what the world would look like today if Moses had not been the leader standing up for Israel. It's also astonishing the consider just how much influence a leader can have over his people.

What leaders might be standing in the gap for our nation today?

How am I called by God to stand in the gap for the people of this world?

Who might I help God raise up to lead future generations?

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