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The NEW Windows Phone is coming…yeah!

I love my Windows Phone…it has made life much, much easier than my old iPhone ever did, and now I am excited to see that it is getting even more enhancements. It looks like it took Microsoft a while to catch up to the Android and iPhone devices, and this fall, they will greatly surpass both devices with a much more integrated mobile device. I can’t wait.

Here area few new features I am excited about…

  • Organizing people into contact groups
  • Integrated messaging that shows me email, txt, Twitter, and Facebook messages on the same screen.
  • Built in voice-to-text
  • more languages for more countries

and here are a few of the enhancements I look forward to using…

  • Faster browsing than any of the other mobile devices via Internet Explorer 9
  • multitasking applications, saving my current progress while I switch over to work on another program.
  • Better integration with my online storage at Microsoft
  • different colors within the conversation window, so my messages are distinct from my friends
  • custom ringtones

and here are a few things I hope the new OS gives me…

  • improved turn-by-turn voice navigation for free
  • visual voicemail

If you have time, watch this video describing some of the new features, or read more online via this post.

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