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The Fastest Computers in the World: A Tribute to IBM

Ever heard of RoadRunner, Blue Gene, or petaflop? If not, you're out of touch with the latest in technology. Sure, everyone is making a fuss about the new touchscreen Palm phone, the lastest Macbook, or the continual battle between Mac and PC...but they have missed the real industry giant that is driving change in the computer industry. Call me an idealist, but I find the things happening through one of the world's veteran computer companies far more exciting that the latest gadget to hit the market.

IBM has dominated the computer market for as long as I can remember, and the new millenium has only seen an endless run of the same record. Their latest release (that I can find) is the Road Runner machine, doubling the speed of its predecessor and essentially doing the combined work of 100,000 laptops.

What do you do with all that computing power? According to IBM's projects of the past, you map complex organic systems, calculate nuclear reactions, and search for the cure for HIV.

Is it safe to say that IBM is enabling us to change the course of human history??? It's a hard question to answer, but I bet they have more influence that Windows 7, Second Life, or the newest Mac device, don't you think?

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