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Simplicity: The Killer App

The older I get, the more complex life gets. Being healthy is no longer exclusively related to how much exercise I get. It involves food, medicine (or lack thereof), genetics, lasik surgery, gym membership, etc. Money no longer involves only work and what I want to purchase…it includes repairs, rent, utilities, insurance, retirement, and budgeting. Church involves more than Sunday morning…it involves responsibilities, phone calls, committee meetings, parking teams and video production. Time that I used to spend carelessly is now appreciated for every free moment it provides.

In a world of increasing complexity, I am grateful for architects of simplicity. Men, women, companies, and applications that make the things I do faster and easier. I love having experts helping me navigate the areas of investment, real estate, bible interpretation, and living overseas. I try to be an expert to others, crafting simple, reliable systems for my coworkers at Dallas Nursing Institute and communicating the complexities of my theological education in a way that is inspirational to the everyday person.

In the technology world: I am grateful for Windows 7. I appreciate the iphone. I praise the business or church with a simple website. And I rejoice for remarkably good free Bible software.

What do you appreciate for adding simplicity to your life?

What should I add to my life to make my time more worthwhile?

And in what areas in your life should you choose to avoid simplicity, and strive to become an expert?

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