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Pornography’s Destructive Power…

The Baptist Press posted an article recently about the destructive power that pornography is having upon the generations of people who have had free access to it at an early age via the internet. I believe they are right--porn will be a lot bigger issue in the future as people act out of increased exposure to it and as they try to relate to the opposite sex with a severely skewed paradigm of sexuality.

Their ability to be the husbands and the fathers God intended them to be is being shriveled and shrunk and stifled and twisted and distorted by exposure to ever more hardcore, Internet pornography

I believe that we are looking at in the next 10 years truly an avalanche, a tsunami of sex crimes against women and girls, because we've got a generation of boys that have been exposed at an earlier and earlier age to hardcore pornography," Land said. "And the mathematics are a certain number who view it will become addicted to it, a certain number who become addicted to it will eventually act out what they've seen on screen.

~ Richard Land

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