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Our List for God: Make Life Safe

A recent book read of mine had this in the final chapters, I just wanted to share it with all who might appreciate it…
(taken from Your God is Too Safe by Marcus Buchnan

If we were to gather suggestions from most North American Christians about how to improve the Godward life, we might get a list with items like this:

1. Give us quick, effective formulas for prayer.
2. Dispel our doubts without ever making us touch wounds.
3. Remove our wounds and disappointments.
4. Explain mystery, simply.
5. Take the risk and the work out of obedience.
6. Give us a God who’s safe.
7. Explain everything, in the Bible, and make it under 100 pages
8. Make finances, and discipline, and getting along with others easy.
9. Make everyone act and think like us.
10. Make life comfortable.

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