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Online Resources: The History of Christianity

It’s possible a group of friends will embark soon in a brief discussion regarding the history of Christianity. In preparation for the study, I’ve compiled a few online resources, a list of suggested topics, and some questions.

If you’d like to see the entire list, just view the entire article 🙂

Follow up:

The Topics:
Genesis: The Creation Story
Jesus: the Non-Biblical sources of his life
The Crusades
The Pilgrims arrival in America
Missions movements across the world
Putting together the modern Bible
Constantine the Great
Formation of the Protestant Church/Martin Luther


Christianity Today:

Various Topics in Christian History

A Short Historical Timeline of the Protestant Reformation

A General Religious Resource (I’m not sure how trustworthy or accurate this one is)

1. What percentage of the world is Christian?
a. What percentage of the U.S. is Christian?
b. What percentage of China is Christian?

2. What “scientific” evidence has contributed to the story of the Bible from creation to the flood?

3. What caused the Crusades to happen?

4. Who made a greater contribution to Christianity, Martin Luther, John Wesley, D.L Moody or C.S. Lewis?

5. What nation is the most unchurched in the world?

6. What does Christianity look like in Australia?
a. What does it look like in Ethiopia?

7. How was the King James Bible created?

8. What do you think our generation should contribute to Christianity/God’s story?

9. What do you think God’s purpose was in the Holocaust?

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