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My New Windows 7 Phone–Yeah Baby!!!

I recently upgraded phones to the LG Quantum Windows 7 Phone, and I want to share my joy and my experience with you, in case your in the place to be in the market anytime soon. Let me pursue this dialog in three ways: (1) Why I have AT&T’s service, (2) Why I chose the Windows Phone I did, and (3) Why I am leaving Apple’s iPhone behind me (good riddance!).

Why I have AT&T:

I was a T-mobile customer until 2009, when their service became so bad in my apartment, that I had to make a switch. When I shifted to AT&T, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my monthly minutes dropped from 1000-1200 a month to less than 500. That’s how many people that Stacy and I call are AT&T customers, and for us, that was awesome.

To further the awesomeness, I knew that staying with GSM technology with cellphones would allow Stacy and I to make calls in countries outside the U.S. – a dire necessity when you plan on doing missions work one day. A switch to Sprint, Verizon, or MetroPCS would mean changing technologies and a dead phone in other parts of the world. Read more about that subject here.

In addition to this, AT&T allowed us to keep using our phones—making the switch cheap, and also keeping us from signing a two year contract…something I have only done once—and never want to do again!

Why I chose Windows 7:

Windows has been advancing by leaps and bounds lately, and all of its Windows 7 software is quite incredible. There has been a lot of talk lately about people using Apple’s OS or Google’s new Chrome OS, and while I agree that the competition is quite good—the truth remains that most of the world is going to stick with Windows. Simply put, its cheaper than Windows (something that matters A LOT overseas), its available in more languages, and people are already very familiar with it.

However, on top of that argument, I have found Microsoft to be MUCH better at protecting my privacy than Google or Apple. A great example of this is Apple’s recent controversy over the iPhone. Apparently Apple thought that it would be harmless to keep a full record of every location that the phone has been over its lifetime without telling us that this data was being recorded. Huh? I guess that’s a feature that Steve Jobs forgot to mention! Oh, and Google is also doing this too! This is one of many headlines over the past year that have included privacy controversies with Google or Apple. I just feel better knowing Microsoft has managed to stay under the radar on these same issues. That matters to me! Read more about Apple’s iPhone controversy here.

“So if a thief got his hands on your iPhone, he can figure out where you live and loot you there, too. Same goes for a hacker who gains remote access to the consolidated.db file…

Imagine if you were suspected of a crime and police wanted to know where you were at 5 p.m. Thursday. They could subpoena your iPhone, dig into this file and, looking at the various data points, get a good idea of where you were at that time.”

In addition to this, I have to admit, I like the Windows OS. It is very effective, and very fast. It has a lot of applications, just like Android and iPhones, and it integrates REALLY well with Microsoft Office and Mail services. For the first time, I am able to read my email or update my calendar or add a contact on the phone, on the web, or on the computer and have it automatically update on the others! How nice!!!

Lastly, and VERY important to me, the LG quantum has a physical keyboard. I have been typing on the iPhone for a year now, and I can’t spell on the dang touch keyboard at all. Somehow touching the right keys evade me every time on the stupid iPhone—I would have gone insane without spellcheck help on that device. But now, thanks to Windows Phone, I have found I can type on the phone’s screen or on the physical keypad pretty easily. It’s a nice upgrade that saves me frustration.

Why I am Leaving the iPhone behind:

Well, if my earlier comments on the keypad and the privacy issues weren’t enough, then here’s the big reason—COST. The iPhone 3G was getting ridiculously slow—after only having the phone new from AT&T after 1 year. That’s just sad that a device can be so poor in performance when it can be bought brand new. The truth is, an upgrade without a 2 year contract would have cost me a minimum of $300—probably more like $500. I can buy a laptop for that, so I’m not interested in having a phone that costs so much. Instead, I am selling my iPhone for $100 and getting the LG Quantum for $140. A $40 upgrade price is pretty good to me!

Want to read more about my phone choice, see a great review here.

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