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Liberty University: A Dream Realized

I spent four years at what I consider to be an excellent university, one that has far more to offer than most other educational facilities in the world, because it incorporates a living faith into all of its teachings. As someone who was uneducated in the Christian faith, Liberty helped me find a solid foundation for my life that has defined my work and ministry ever since.

When I was finishing high school, I was overwhelmed by a desire to live my faith properly. Having grown up in public school, I determined that I would pursue a Christian university to help me get my life in order. I had to go to college, according to my parents, so I tried to pick a school that would educate me in faith, as well as in life. With a little providence from God,  I landed an academic scholarship to cover the cost difference between a state school and was off to Lynchburg, Virginia--to a school in a state where I didn’t know anyone. I was as terrified as I was excited…but Liberty did not disappoint me.

At Liberty, I received an education in business, the Bible, and life. I endured some of the most challenging classes on business finance, strategic planning, and marketing.

At Liberty, I experienced friendship like never before: I spent two years on a dorm with a bunch of guys who truly cared for me: laughing, praying, encouraging, and even weeping with me. And I met my best friend there, my wife. My fun-loving, adventurous, Spirit-filled companion in life.

At Liberty, I was given the opportunity to serve Christ by serving others. I was able to lead small groups of men in Bible study, care for the spiritual development of the entire floor, and manage a huge food service operation. And I was trained by good leaders every step of the way.

I owe a great debt to my alma mater. I owe a great debt to it’s founder and God’s visionary: Jerry Falwell. And I have a great heritage that I must carry with me into my service for the Lord.

Congratulations Liberty, on a Dream Realized, 50,000 students!

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