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I’m Still Here…

It's been almost a year since I last really wrote to this blog...Wow. That's a long vacation, I know. If this post comes as a surprise, then I am glad you keep my feed in your list.

It's been a great year--and its not for terrible reasons that this blog has laid silent. However, it has also been my first year as a "pastor" officially, and that has meant a lot of change. New city, new house, new jobs, new companions to hang out with, new hobbies, and a chance to rediscover life for both Stacy and I. I confess that I am unprepared, but learning to adapt to the challenges of ministry: counseling, programming services, etc. It's good work, but I is taking some time to adjust and develop my skills for it.

And the great news is, we are LOVING life! This journey God has us on is exciting and challenging--we wouldn't want it any other way.

By way of an update, here are a few photos that jump out to me related to recent events. And along with that, I hope you hear the message that after a year of adaptation and consideration, I believe I'll be adding blogging back into my routine. I hope you'll continue to follow me.

First year as a pastor, first chance to do some very fun baptisms! Here's Kyle Burney, a good friend, and a soldier who deploys this week. Be safe my friend, I'll miss you on this trip of yours. It's a tough assignment to be a soldier--I hope our church can serve them and their families well.

baptizing kyle burney















Here are some other friends I've been blessed to get to know--and then send off these past few months. It's unfortunate, but the military only gives us a few years with most couples. Tara and Tyler are now in El Paso, TX, and Steven and Jessica Stillwill have been moving to Arizona these past few weeks. It's heartbreaking to lose their close companionship, but exciting to send them off to new opportunities to grow. It's because of couples like them that we have started live streaming our services at so that they can stay in touch with our church when traveling, training, sick, or transitioning to a new location and searching for a new local church home. It's our hope that one day we will be able to prepare many of these people to plant churches in their new homes--small groups that reach their communities and grow into movements of God that reach the unreached people in their city.

steven and jessica stillwell tyler and terra mclain







One of my favorite events to program and put on as a pastor is our Marriage Ministry's Married Life Live night. Every quarter we gather couples for a night where we emphasize one of six key marriage principles that we believe will help couples transform their marriage. Here's the set of principles, which I hope you'll enjoy checking out:

Follow God

I will let God direct my marriage. He has a pattern for marriage and a plan for our lives will make our lives the best they can be.

(catch God’s vision for your marriage)


Nurture Romance

I will make my home an environment that nurtures our romance: safety, honesty, respect, and trust.

“Hurry Home” – I will make quality time together a priority.


Cultivate Communication

I must seek to understand before I can expect to be understood.

We will resolve our differences in a respectful, conversational manner.


A Lifestyle of Caring (Practice Your Promise)

I recognize that my spouse has specific needs, and I try to meet them on a regular basis.

(The Love Bank – Emotional Needs)


Celebrate Differences

I will appreciate the way God made my spouse and encourage them to grow their giftedness and passion.


Fight FOR One Another

We resolve to work as a team, fighting to create systems and habits that benefit us and help us manage our family, our finances, and the mission God has called us to live out as a couple.

(Teamwork, One-ness, Financial Management, Family Issues)


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