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Financial Peace and Dave Ramsey

I am not a HUGE fan of Dave Ramsey, but I have tremendous respect for the man and the majority of what he does. His heart and character are certainly in the right place. I only hold reservations as to whether we shoud really be investing for retirement as much as we are, and whether the stock market is the right place to place our money.

While I may elaborate on these topics more later, I want to make sure you're aware of the great lengths that this man is going to in order to get his message out to the world. He has been partnering with over the past few weeks to put together a sermon series that any church can use. These videos and promotions materials will be available at in the coming days. (Lifechurch gives away it's sermon material on every series it does, which is a phenominal gift to the worldwide body of Christ)

In addition to this, they are also creating a conference event to discuss finances in a Town Hall fashion over the internet, which will be aired live on April 23rd. Visit for more details on this event too.

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