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Discovered: A Great RSS Feed Reader for Firefox

This week I have been rediscovering the wonder of RSS feeds. I live my life in Firefox, and love it's many features...but have been struggling to find an easy way to use it to keep up with the many blogs I have been following lately. Fortunately, I stumbled upon an extension for Firefox named "Brief", and it has opened my eyes to the world of blogging in a whole new way.

No more surfing blogs, loading advertisements and themes to look for new posts. Now I simply glance at the browser toolbar as I am surfing the web to see how many blog updates I have to catch up on.

I hope you find it as helpful a tool as I have. Look and install it here, at

Also, here's a short list of extensions I currently utilized in Firefox, in case you need another good tool:
1. Foxmarks - syncronized your bookmarks between computers
2. IE tab - no more needing to open Internet Explorer because some silly page is not compatible with IE. Now you can change to IE inside of Firefox. Genius!!!
3. Screengrab - take a picture of a webpage.
4. FireFTP - an FTP client that runs within Firefox as another tab...another way to eliminate having to install and run a separate program.
5. Download Statusbar - One more way to eliminate another popup window. Watch your downloads progress in the Statusbar of Firefox.

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