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Current Events…where is the church???

I have had a number of questions this last year...many of them concerning politics. Questions that resemble the following sample:

What does this candidate represent?
What issues really matter in the presidential election?
How should I really understand the economic times?

In the midst of these questions, I have had a rather unsettling lack of clear direction. It seems I can get clear teaching from the church on a lot of spiritual matters, but that I find myself at a loss when it comes to other realms of relevant information. Doesn't the church care that I do not know how to choose the appropriate political leader? Can't it assist in educating me regarding what really matters?

I am not suggesting that the church use its time on Sunday morning to address temporal concerns...but I sure would like to have it provide me with the appropriate resources to make the right decisions. I do think that creating a website or a video presentation on the current events and concerns of the nation would be considered good stewardship of the resources it has available. And I do think that of all the minds that could help me consider the issues, I would prefer the enlightened minds of the brothers and sisters in my community.

Each church has its specialties...its focus and its purpose. I hope one sees it fit to be active in educating us politically in the future. And I hope that the others across this nation will be prepared to invest prayer and resources to answer other upcoming cultural issues with websites, television ads, and resources. Perhaps we should even prepare a few answers in advance. After all, the people came running to us for answers after 9/11. They do look to us for the truth today. What will happen if we don't start delivering it??? What will happen if we can't have the answer ready in a timely manner? And what will happen if the president, who calls himself a Christian, can't give the appropriate, faith-based answer to the people?

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