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Christians, Laugh at Yourself


It is no secret that Christians often choose to live in their own world. We have made it easy for Christians to isolate themselves from the world. We have Christian books, Christian movies, Christian music, Christian restaurants, Christian workplaces, and Christian dating services.

These things are both good and bad. There are times where we need isolation, and times when we need to avoid isolation for the sake of reaching others. We should not expect to maintain a holy lifestyle if we are constantly bombarded by secular culture’s praise of sin…but we should also not expect unbelievers to come outside of their culture to hear the gospel.

It is no surprise that our culture becomes full of insider clichés and outdated extremes…however, it may be offensive or surprising when someone points them out. I remember my reaction as a teenager to restrictions on dancing, smoking, and R-rated movies, along with requirements for skirts, ties, and short hair.

Finally someone has found a way to discuss these things in a hilarious way! If you haven’t read his blog or seen his book in stores, then please, enjoy Jonathan Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like. I’ve been laughing at him …or rather, he’s been making me laugh at myself, for over a year!



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