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China’s Internet Filtering Policy

China has an internet filtering policy in place that has led to the arrest of a few thousand people for hosting or posting malicious content in 2009. While I don't know the numbers or the effectiveness of their policies, I am incredibly amazed at the recognition of the dangerous influence of porn and other online content by their government leaders. I do wish the U.S. would consider limited our freedom in this respect as well, in order to save millions of people from being exposed to and later addicted to content that their parents are too ignorant or uncaring to shield them from.(Read the AP news article here)

I'm a bit extreme in this area, and I'll save you from a long speech on the subject, but I do wish we could ban adult entertainment/pornography, gambling, and hard alcohol in the U.S., for the good of our citizens. I do not see any noteworthy contributions that these things make to our society, and I am sometimes physically sick from their effects on relationships, careers, and ministries.

Build a fence on our borders to keep illegal immigrants out? Sure.

How about killing some industries and banning some content in our country for everyone's good?

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