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Another Mac to PC Convert…

You’ve got to love it when some lost soul comes back to the light from darkness, abandoning the shameless pursuit of the forbidden fruit of the technological world (why did Steve Jobs choose that logo again?") and returning to the technology that the rest of the world depends upon for its daily business. But I digress… let me allow you to read it from the convert’s perspective. Here’s the opinion of an 11 year Mac user, who admits that Windows is releasing some amazing products.

“…the experience is incredible, unlike any operating system I've ever used. It's the perfect hybrid of old and new. While Apple attempts slowly to merge its mobile operating system into the desktop with new iPhone-like features, Microsoft made a bold move and jumped ahead to the future where most computing takes place on touch-friendly smartphones and tablets. It's enough to make an Apple fan like me drool.”

from Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Read the full article here.

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