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A FREE map that will change your life

2008 IMB Map

I post a link to this map today because it has changed my life. I am a completely different person because of the presence of a bunch of dots on a piece of paper, representing the souls of hundreds, thousands, and millions of individuals in need of the gospel.

A few months ago I began asking the question, why don't I heard much about peoples of the world who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ? I've been under the conviction that worshippers from every tribe, tongue and nation are mentioned throughout the Old and New Testaments, and yet the bulk of our "missions" efforts are spent attempting to reach people locally and internationally who have already heard the gospel in the past, and who have the gospel readily available in their native language.

Why are many of us unaware of the 1.9 billion (1,900,000,000) people who have yet to have any opportunity to hear the gospel??? Why aren't more of us going to change that?

You can receive up to four copies of this map for free, without obligating yourself to receive emails, phone calls, or mailings of any kind (trust me, I've been waiting for them for two months). My challenge to you is to place the map somewhere where you will see it on a daily basis…let the peoples of the world be on your mind, more and more.

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