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Thoughts on Being Rich:

Our American society continues to build upon the wondrous human triumph of moving from rags to riches. In fact, we are starting to portray this very story through the lenses of other cultures. Consider the recent movie, Slumdog Millionaire, if you need a good example…or have a look at a website dedicated to men and women who dropped out of school to become millionaires, here.

While I love the ambition of the American people, I have a problem with the scope of this philosophy. In my opinion, this philosophy misses two important factors:

First, it misses the fact that our prosperity is a collective accomplishment, not an individual one. The reason a lot of people move from rags to riches on their own power is specifically because society has allowed them to. Societies that embrace values which promotes education, equal rights, and moral standards, are the ones that give the men and women in their society an equal opportunity to succeed. It's no surprise then, that men and women have flocked to America to pursue the American dream. It's easier here.

Second, most Americans are living this triumphant dream. Most of us have moved from rags to riches, and forgotten the rags. Rate yourself on the Global Rich List, and see for yourself. Then take some time and consider how you might manage your riches to better serve those who are not on the list.


The Global Richlist based on my old salary...

The Global Richlist based on my old salary...

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