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Struggling to Worship

If your mind works anything like mine, you've probably spent a lot of Sundays distracted during the worship time. Busy with your own thoughts, angry at the person who came in late and disrupted you to get to his seat, or distracted by some abstract person or motion between you and the stage. Though worship consists of far more than what happens during the Sunday service, we tend to allow it to swallow the focus of our lives, until Sunday is the only day in which we act in a holy manner.

The following video has been very popular lately, and for good ironically reflects the truth that we need to get serious about worshiping, both on Sunday and throughout the week, with our singing, our witnessing, and our fellowship with God.


Ronald Reagan’s opinion of Govenment-Sponsored Healthcare

It was shocking for me to discover recently that Ronald Reagan was recorded in an LP discussing the dangers of a socialized system of medicine. I looked for a transcript of this talk, but was unable to come up with one. Instead, I've chosen to link to an excerpt from the LP, that I think is just as relevant for today as it was on the day it was recorded.

If you would like some more perspective on socialized healthcare, please see my previous video post on the subject, along with this post, by Jeremiah Krieger.


The National Debt: Why Obama’s Spending is Bad

It's common for me to hear people compare the national debt policies of George W. Bush and Barak Obama...but this is just an unfair comparison. I have not found a better illustration, called the national debt road trip, by blogger 'Political Math'. Especially since he keeps his data sources simple: direct from the government.

See more videos and commentary on national policies at

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A Commercial for the Tech Geek

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I've been working part-time as a IT support person for a local school. Since my start in February, I'veĀ  built servers, setup backups, written script, and maintianed the 80 computers that are in constant use at the Dallas Nursing Institute. It's a job filled with challenges that are altogether different than the ones I confront at school. And while work and school keep me intellectually strained in two different directions, I love them both. I am a servant of Christ, and never more happy than to be meeting the need of others at DNI.

In light of those amazing discoveries, I wanted to share a new favorite blog that carries the IT geek theme that lives inside of me ( and also give you a short enjoyable clip from the world of tech geeks like me. Enjoy!


Economics Part 2: Sorry Isn’t Good Enough…

I wish this was a video of our Legislator attacking our Executive, but alas, they seem to be on the same side of spending...the wrong side.