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Computer Viruses Can Change the Wars…They Already Have.

What your about to see is a short video about how a single virus changed the face of nuclear energy in one of the more dangerous countries in the world, and potentially stopped the development of nuclear weapons in an area that would have allowed terrorists to gain access to them.

Do geeks have a role to play in warfare? Yes, they do.

Do viruses go beyond the annoying ones that mess up your personal computer? Yes, they do.

Do viruses go undetected and active on computers without your knowing? Yes, they do.

Do Mac's get viruses too? Yes, they do...and they are more easily corrupted than PC's. They are just not as big a target for virus creations (market share is not comparable to Microsoft).


Moses in the Modern Day (Video on Technology)

What would the exodus look like in today's world, check it out:


How Technology has changed in 100 years…

When I was growing up, my Dad drove an IBM van filled with belts, tools, hoses, compressed air cans, and other mysterious computer parts…he spent a lot of time fixing moving parts inside of computers for the technology company.

Today he drives a car without many parts, and spends more time in front of the computer screen than inside the computer’s guts…a lot has changed in his world in the past two decades.

IBM has put in the extra effort to show us just how much has changed…in its 100 year history. If you want to see things change at the rate of technology, take 13 minutes to watch this video:


The Future of Computers: “Fiber Optic Processing”

IBM recently announced that it is bringing optical chip design into the world of commercial computing with some new technology. Considering this form of processing is faster, more power efficient, creates less signal interference, and does not heat up as much--I'd say they have a winning technology that puts them ahead of Intel right now...and that's saying a lot.

IBM is not just spouting hopes or theory, its making definite plans to build commercial machines with their new chip design.

Read the main article here, if you want all the geeky details! (popup window)


Technology Helps: How to Buy an HDTV

Have you been considering upgrading that old TV set in the living room, basement, or bedroom? If so, I highly recommend this article.

TV's are becoming like computers...there's a hundred different specs that you can analyze when trying to get the right one. Typically, only about 5 of the specs really matter for the average person, and this article outlines the most important ones.

For those who are curious, it will also tell you if you even needed to buy a 1080 set for your living room, based on how far away you are from the TV and how big the set really is. 19" TV with 1080 resolution...errr, maybe you should have thought that through a little more...

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