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Pornography’s Destructive Power…

The Baptist Press posted an article recently about the destructive power that pornography is having upon the generations of people who have had free access to it at an early age via the internet. I believe they are right--porn will be a lot bigger issue in the future as people act out of increased exposure to it and as they try to relate to the opposite sex with a severely skewed paradigm of sexuality.

Their ability to be the husbands and the fathers God intended them to be is being shriveled and shrunk and stifled and twisted and distorted by exposure to ever more hardcore, Internet pornography

I believe that we are looking at in the next 10 years truly an avalanche, a tsunami of sex crimes against women and girls, because we've got a generation of boys that have been exposed at an earlier and earlier age to hardcore pornography," Land said. "And the mathematics are a certain number who view it will become addicted to it, a certain number who become addicted to it will eventually act out what they've seen on screen.

~ Richard Land

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Should We Filter the Internet for Everyone?

With churches hosting protest events like “porn sunday” and supporting the anti-porn efforts of ministries like the question arises: Should we force the internet to abide by standards of decency? Some people are pushing for standards to be enforced—apparently they already exist in our Federal system, but have not been enforced.

Others point to the abolition movement of the past century, where zealous protesters fought for a ban on alcohol only to have it remitted years later. They consider legislating morality to be too extreme in this case, and they flaunt the freedom of speech as if grants them a right to offend, enslave, and expose everyone around them to anything they want.

Our democracy is built on a balanced tension between two extremes, and often that balance can be difficult to identify from a single standpoint, but on this issue, I am happy to be found on the side of the extremists. I would be happy to see a hard crackdown on all media: internet, TV, and advertising in the U.S. I believe we need to go beyond explicitly sexual content and start banning the sexual innuendo that is used to sell everything from hummers to rice.

Do we really need 3 movies in 12 months that flaunt the theme of “friendship with benefits”? REALLY? Should these really only be rated R?

Should a child really be able to go to a public computer somewhere, or to their phone, and surf pornographic content without any age verification or warning?

Relationships are so much more than passionate moments.

Sex is so much more than a recreational activity.

Love is so much more than what develops on television and the movies these days…


I crave a better presentation of life from television, movies, and media. I crave a safer environment to allow my children to play in. I fear the perceptions, habits, and addictions that our unsafe world develops all too quickly.

Read more about the censorship movement here…


Taking Sin City for Christ

Living in an environment where a lot of people are preparing for a career in pastoral ministry, I hear a lot of ambitious plans for the church. I myself have a lot of ambitious ideas for the future of the church...but I have never considered the one I saw on the news recently.

Meet The Strip Church, one ambitious pastor's ministry to change the lives of visitors to Las Vegas. I personally like it. He has a clear and simple strategy, a proven record of ministry in this context, and a deep love for the lost in this regard.

I wouldn't recommend the ministry everyone, and I would not pursue it myself, but I recommend that you have a look at the ministry of:

ABC recently hosted them for an interview which can be viewed here.

You can also view the ministry plan here.