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Genocide in Nigeria – Pray for our Christian Family

A Jewish Rabbi told me recently that is major shock regarding Christianity came from the fact that we did not react strongly enough to the persecution our fellow believers were experiencing overseas. And it is true--most people have no idea the suffering that other Christians endure today, in other parts of the world. We are hated, despised, falsely accused, attacked, and brutally murdered on a regular basis. This week, a terrible story finally grew large enough to make the news headlines, but these stories are daily occurrences.  Before you dive into the headlines that hit the news, consider looking at and learning more about the difficulty that faith in Jesus Christ brings to the lives of millions of people.

Say a prayer for Nigeria when you read this post, its genocide for the Christians in Nigeria right now, they are brutally murdering our brothers and sisters. 50 people were burned after taking refuge at the pastor's home. Read the full details of the story here...


Keeping Disaster’s Victims in Prayer

Disaster's Victims continue to be great, especially as tornado season comes around for the Midwest United States. Please keep the hurting in your prayers, both for their physical needs and for the opportunity the church has to share the gospel during this time of great openness. Below is a list of events and people's to pray for. I'll try to update and expand it every month or so.

Haiti's poverty will probably cause it to be hurting long after Japan. Read more...

Japan remains in great turmoil as the nuclear reactor remains a problem and aftershocks continue to cause the people to reimagine the terror that has past. Read more...

Texas wildfires are burning homes and endangering the lives of people across our massive state. Pray for safety and for those who have lost all they own. Read more...

Every day the citizens of Israel hear the rocket sirens and hide from the terror of incoming dangers like suicide bombers. Pray that the Gaza strip will one day establish a true cease-fire that will allow these citizens to live in a larger degree of security.

The Middle East remains in turmoil with political upheaval, reaction against the American pastor's burning of the Koran, and various other controversies. Pray for courage that believers can continue to proclaim the gospel under the threat of death.


For those of you who are not aware, I am working with Victim Relief Ministries to respond to and comfort people who are enduring these hard times. We minister to crime victims in the city of Dallas every day, and work abroad whenever we can, acting as the Good Samaritan did. To learn more about Victim Relief, go to

To consider training this weekend as a Victim Chaplain, register at


IRAN: A Nation Of Bloggers

I've always seen the internet as a channel of freedom for expression, whether good or bad. More and more, however, I am watching the free expressions of men and women become influencial. I started this blog for the purpose of growing myself: my writing abilities, my knowledge of culture, and my understanding of the ministry. And while it fills that purpose, it is also acting as a conduit for discussion and training.

But my blog is not the amazing part. Thousands of bloggers in countries where we cannot even having internet access are rapidly informing and transforming the world by their free expression. Some even die for their words. Watch this video, and read the links below if you want to know more...

From: Iranian Blogger Reported Dead in Prison
Blogger Persecution can be found in Egypt and Iran. Iran is currently considering attaching the death penalty as a legal punishment for it. "Misayafi was sentenced in December to 30 months in prison "for insulting Islamic Republic Leaders.""

Global Voices Online

One question: Will this ever be a reality in the U.S.?


Thoughts from my World Missions class…

The Missional God:
There is a strong case to be made for the viewpoint that God's work in history...through Noah, Abraham, Israel, and the prophets has always been to make people a light to all people for his redeeming purpose. From that perspective, Israel failed in their understanding of that task and recognition of the Messiah, and the task was therefore given to the Gentile nations in the church. If this is an accurate viewpoint, then it begs the question...what will God do when the church gets complacent about being a messenger to the unreached??? Will our complacency usher in the "end times"?

The "true" task of missions: