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The Misuse of the Bible: This will make you laugh or cry!

So many people think that getting a tattoo in a foreign language is cool, and many who try take their phrases from the sacred words of Scripture.

This is not unlike people who know enough Hebrew or Greek to use Strong's Concordance, or sound out the words of a phrase Jesus spoke and conclude that the sound of the Greek "Obama" points us toward the antichrist.

Tip for the world: if you don't know the language, don't use the language!!!

There's a lot more too it than the meaning of individual words, and the picture above illustrates. This poor guy tried to copy the VERY popular phrase, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine...and ended up with a broken phrase that suggests incest with his father. Even in it's proper form, this phrase speaks of a male lover: it can only truly be taken as a female's statement.

Think this is just a fluke? posts another tattoo every couples of days!
I check back for a good laugh all the time.

And the poor use of language for 'spiritual reasons' is more common that its' misuse on tattoos.