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Mac vs PC

To those who know me, it's no secret that I dislike Mac computers for my own personal use. I find them too expensive, too restricted, and uncaring toward those who have older computers--limiting their upgrades and features to new features, new phones, and more money.

However, these arguments don't mean that I think everyone needs a PC. There are many who work best with a Mac, and who should pay the extra money for one. That's why I appreciate Lifehacker's best arguments reviews the advantages and disadvantages of both, fairly. Check it out here, or read the headlines from the article below:

Windows offers more software

Windows offers greater flexibility

Mac's have fewer viruses, require less maintenance

Both platforms work well for designers/video editors

Windows offers a better gaming experience

Neither OS is easier to learn




Windows Phone Mango is Here! (Officially)

A few months back, I upgraded my existing Windows Phone to the Beta release of the new, enhanced operating system. Last week, AT&T and Microsoft passed along the official version to me, as one of its customers. And I must say, I continue to love the features: custom ringtones, multitasking, better GPS, voice-to-text on everything, and specialized Favorite people lists. If you are up for an upgrade, or considering a switch, I've never looked back after leaving the iPhone behind, and I encourage you to do the same. Check out this video to see it for yourself.


Google, Email and Privacy

Here's a prime example of the ways Google fails to protect your privacy: they used the content of your emails to serve advertisements...check out this video ad by Microsoft to portray it in a more contemporary way. One more reason I am VERY hesitant to jump onto their bandwagon.

Other reasons:

They no longer discount for "religious" non-profits, just all the others...

Their platforms, like the Android, are notorious for unsafe applications...

They are always in some lawsuit over violation of personal privacy...


Mac users going PC

Yeah, I know. Right now you’re thinking…”Here goes Patrick. Up on his soapbox again.”

I just have to tell you that I’ve been holding onto the article that prompted this post for about two months…hoping I could put the thought aside. But it’s not going to happen. I can’t love the Mac, I really can’t. And I’m not alone.

Finally, it’s time to introduce you to some friends who think its time for all those Mac users to give up their shiny, soon to be out-of-date, overpriced toys. Please welcome…

Natania, who switched back to PC this past fall for reasons of price, upgradeability, and gaming.

Joe, who did some intense price comparison, bought a Sony laptop instead of a Macbook, and loves Windows 7. Also have a look at his article on sales comparisions for Mac and Windows machines here.

David has written extensively on the simplicity of Windows 7 features over Mac. I like this one on backing up files. Search his blog for yourself.