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A Universal Gospel Presentation for all Mobile Devices

Free and available for editing and adaptation for Evangelical purposes

In my desire to consistently share the gospel with the people around me, I have tested and tried a number of applications for smartphones. The principle is simple: no matter where I go, I always have my phone on me. While I am impressed with the availability of applications that allow me to take the Bible with me, I cannot find an application or video that successfully presents the gospel in an effective manner. Therefore, I endeavored to create such an application myself. In my search, I realized something incredibly important: the most accessible way to create the presentation was to package it in a Power Point presentation or PDF slide set. Those two documents are universally applicable to any smartphone or mobile device today: Windows Phone, Android device, tablet, ipad, iphone, etc. Better yet, updating the language or contents in these slide shows is simple too, so that they can be adapted to each person’s specific style and desire.

Below is a downloadable copy of the basic presentation, a copy of a longer presentation directed at Muslims, and a guide that describes the basic concepts each slide is designed to represent. Feel free to edit this to work for your personal use. I don’t desire credit and I don’t have a desire to force anyone into my mode of sharing the gospel, I only desire to equip other people beyond myself.

Remember this helpful aspect of electronic presentations too: They are as easy to share with others as sending them as an email attachment. This is often a very comfortable way for me to both give the person follow up material, and get their contact information.

For someone who accepts the gospel, I will leave them with a Bible or a New Testament, and we set a plan going forward for church attendance and follow up. I always pass along this presentation by email, so they can review it and be reminded of the concepts, and then I pray blessing for them as they start their new walk.

Basic Gospel Presentation:     PPT File          PDF File

Gospel for Muslims:               PPT File          PDF File

Presentation Guide


For anyone downloading these tools, I only ask for one thing: feedback. Please tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and what you would change.

Also note, the reason I have pdf files in addition to Power Point, is that Power Point is best, but I have found that it does not always work perfectly on some devices, particularly the HP Tablet. Often the background graphics don’t work perfectly.


The NEW Windows Phone is coming…yeah!

I love my Windows Phone…it has made life much, much easier than my old iPhone ever did, and now I am excited to see that it is getting even more enhancements. It looks like it took Microsoft a while to catch up to the Android and iPhone devices, and this fall, they will greatly surpass both devices with a much more integrated mobile device. I can’t wait.

Here area few new features I am excited about…

  • Organizing people into contact groups
  • Integrated messaging that shows me email, txt, Twitter, and Facebook messages on the same screen.
  • Built in voice-to-text
  • more languages for more countries

and here are a few of the enhancements I look forward to using…

  • Faster browsing than any of the other mobile devices via Internet Explorer 9
  • multitasking applications, saving my current progress while I switch over to work on another program.
  • Better integration with my online storage at Microsoft
  • different colors within the conversation window, so my messages are distinct from my friends
  • custom ringtones

and here are a few things I hope the new OS gives me…

  • improved turn-by-turn voice navigation for free
  • visual voicemail

If you have time, watch this video describing some of the new features, or read more online via this post.


Tech Hack of the Year: Running Google’s Android on My Apple iPhone

Getting a new tech toy for me is like opening a whole new world. This past week has been one of those "new world" experiences for me, as I explore the land of the jail broken iPhone, and as I boot Google's Android OS on it as well--double bonus fun!

Jailbreaking the iPhone sounds malicious, I know, but the FCC said earlier this year that it was legal and appropriate for those who purchase phones to be able to manipulate their software. It allowed me to start using some of the features of the iPhone that were only available to those who had the "latest and greatest" (and paid way too much money for their) iPhone: like multitasking and home screen wallpaper. Check out this blog that is all about jailbreaking for yourself, and contains an article on the legality of the task too! (popup window)

After Jailbreaking the phone, I followed 5 more easy steps to install iDroid on my phone, a customized version of Android created to work on the iPhone. While the programming still needs some work to ensure that power saving, messaging and camera functions work appropriately, and Google is still in the process of allowing this OS to access its Android store, I am now able to boot my phone into Google's OS and enjoy the features of this amazing operating system as well! Read the Lifehacker article by clicking here. (opens in a popup window)

I particularly like the graphic they chose for their customized OS:

What's next? Well, I have high hopes that someone will create another iWin7 version to run on my iPhone too!


Another Reason to Hate Apple…

The reasons to dislike Apple keep piling up...and I must vent them out again!

Reason #1 - Everything is Apple's way or no way!

Today I moved a few videos onto my iPhone. Which ones you ask? Well, I don't get a choice. It's all videos, or the latest 5 videos. What if I want my wedding from 6 years ago, and a video from last week? No can do. Can't you guys just put a darn check box on the videos page? Why does this have to be so hard?!

Need a backup battery for your MacBook or iPhone or iPod? Sorry...there no longer removable. You have to attach some bulky ugly accessory.

Reason #2 - Everything is expensive!

Today I tried to connect a video cable to my iPhone to play back video on the television...yes, the cable was made for the iPhone, but guess what, it didn't work. Turns out Apple's latest software update for the iPhone disables any cables not made/licensed by Apple. Can't buy a $3 cable off of ebay...gotta pay $50 for an official Apple accessory.

Hate hate hate hate hate.

Does anyone else feel the way I do?

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