Journeyman Project Dispatches from the Life of Patrick Fowler: Christianity Explored


Joseph and His Brothers

I recently completed a study of Joseph’s life for my class on Genesis, and I’m absolutely astounded at the insight it has provided me. The portrayal of the characters of the book of Genesis are incredible…especially for someone who wrote this story over four thousand years ago.

In light of the way this study has changed my perspective on the first book of the Bible, I want to provide both my paper, and the cliff notes for any interested parties. Below you will find the general notes that relate to a study of Joseph’s actions toward his brothers in Egypt as recorded in Genesis 42-44.

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Things to Expect in our Lifetime…

The Era of the 21st Century is being viewed as a pivotal time in the history of our world. Large scale peace and prosperity have characterized this time where the nations have spent a large portion of their efforts growing their economies, seeking scientific discovery and advancing the education of their common people. While I do not wish to speak as though there are many places in the world where the light of our discovery and care for mankind have appeared totally look at the world overall is to look at the world in a positive light. We have progressed as a human race, as we continue progressing.

The question now becomes, what will the future bring? As knowledge reaches an all-time high, a generation is born that is characterized by a rejection of firm conviction toward the beliefs of all people. What will that generation lead our world into? What will the discoveries of science lead us to? How will the nations choose to act? And what will religion influence the world to do? What lies in the future of the world, further peace or chaos???

Here are a few suggested predictions within our generation:

  1. Robots that perform human tasks, that talk with humans will become a normality
  2. Vehicles will drive themselves
  3. At least one major war will break out between the world powers (largest nations)
  4. Devastation of at least one major U.S. city will occur.
  5. Colonization of other planets will be attempted
  6. Major human genetic engineering will take place
  7. Leaders will become more and more racially, religiously and gender diverse: a black president, a female president, a black pope.


Animated History of Religion

This is by far the best presentation on world history of religions I have found so and enjoy. Also note that the presentation larger on the original site, just in case you need to see a bigger version!