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My Feelings on Mac Computers…

Those who know me, have probably heard some of my sentiments on Mac computers. To make it short and sweet--I'm not a fan. This picture shares some of the feelings I have on the subject:

My advice to anyone purchasing one is the following: A basic MacBook costs $900-1000. Go spend $900-1000 on a Windows laptop, and you will be just as thrilled. Just don't spend $300 at Walmart on some off brand machine and then complain that Macs are better. No, their not better. They just don't allow people to sell Mac's OS on cheap machines.


The Misuse of the Bible: This will make you laugh or cry!

So many people think that getting a tattoo in a foreign language is cool, and many who try take their phrases from the sacred words of Scripture.

This is not unlike people who know enough Hebrew or Greek to use Strong's Concordance, or sound out the words of a phrase Jesus spoke and conclude that the sound of the Greek "Obama" points us toward the antichrist.

Tip for the world: if you don't know the language, don't use the language!!!

There's a lot more too it than the meaning of individual words, and the picture above illustrates. This poor guy tried to copy the VERY popular phrase, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine...and ended up with a broken phrase that suggests incest with his father. Even in it's proper form, this phrase speaks of a male lover: it can only truly be taken as a female's statement.

Think this is just a fluke? posts another tattoo every couples of days!
I check back for a good laugh all the time.

And the poor use of language for 'spiritual reasons' is more common that its' misuse on tattoos.


A Commercial for the Tech Geek

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I've been working part-time as a IT support person for a local school. Since my start in February, I'veĀ  built servers, setup backups, written script, and maintianed the 80 computers that are in constant use at the Dallas Nursing Institute. It's a job filled with challenges that are altogether different than the ones I confront at school. And while work and school keep me intellectually strained in two different directions, I love them both. I am a servant of Christ, and never more happy than to be meeting the need of others at DNI.

In light of those amazing discoveries, I wanted to share a new favorite blog that carries the IT geek theme that lives inside of me ( and also give you a short enjoyable clip from the world of tech geeks like me. Enjoy!


VERY Funny: Married vs. Single Life

Today I stumbled upon a very funny contribution to the banter between married and single people. writes regarding his tips for getting people married, here's a short exerpt of the full article, available here.

1. Always tell your single friends that marriage is awesome.

2. Start every sentence with "my husband" or "my wife."

3. When they describe their weekend, always reply with "awww."

4. Don't let them throw the Paul (the apostle was single) card.

I must admit that I start a lot of sentences with "Stacy and I".