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The Danger is Misplaced Dependence – Isaiah 19

My final sermon at Dallas Theological Seminary was from the text of unfulfilled prophecy. I've always found the second half of Isaiah 19 to be shocking, even difficult to understand. It comes after such a long series of judgements against different nations, and adds a crazy positive to an otherwise negative section of the book. However, after some study, I came to realize that the gloomy parts of Isaiah's prophecy about Egypt led them to the crazy high at the end of it.

Here's my understanding of what the prophecy is teaching us. And as always, I have placed links after the video for anyone who wishes to utilize my manuscript or outlines.

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Documents to Download:

Sermon Outlines - Exegesis and Expositional - Word Doc - PDF File

Sermon Manuscript - Word Doc - PDF File


IRAN: A Nation Of Bloggers

I've always seen the internet as a channel of freedom for expression, whether good or bad. More and more, however, I am watching the free expressions of men and women become influencial. I started this blog for the purpose of growing myself: my writing abilities, my knowledge of culture, and my understanding of the ministry. And while it fills that purpose, it is also acting as a conduit for discussion and training.

But my blog is not the amazing part. Thousands of bloggers in countries where we cannot even having internet access are rapidly informing and transforming the world by their free expression. Some even die for their words. Watch this video, and read the links below if you want to know more...

From: Iranian Blogger Reported Dead in Prison
Blogger Persecution can be found in Egypt and Iran. Iran is currently considering attaching the death penalty as a legal punishment for it. "Misayafi was sentenced in December to 30 months in prison "for insulting Islamic Republic Leaders.""

Global Voices Online

One question: Will this ever be a reality in the U.S.?


Joseph and His Brothers

I recently completed a study of Joseph’s life for my class on Genesis, and I’m absolutely astounded at the insight it has provided me. The portrayal of the characters of the book of Genesis are incredible…especially for someone who wrote this story over four thousand years ago.

In light of the way this study has changed my perspective on the first book of the Bible, I want to provide both my paper, and the cliff notes for any interested parties. Below you will find the general notes that relate to a study of Joseph’s actions toward his brothers in Egypt as recorded in Genesis 42-44.

Download my paper here:

Read the Cliffnotes...