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Economics Part 2: Sorry Isn’t Good Enough…

I wish this was a video of our Legislator attacking our Executive, but alas, they seem to be on the same side of spending...the wrong side.


Economics Part 1: Hearing a Different Voice

gerald_celenteI consider "doom and gloom" preaching to be one of the most distasteful activities of the church. And although I believe in being optimistic about the future, I think it is time American's viewed life through a different lens, starting with the economy. I may not preach "doom and gloom" regarding life, but I am seriously considering preaching it toward the economy.

Let me begin by sharing the opinion of Gerald Celente, an economist who is known for his ability to predict the economic crashes of past half-century. His predictions for the upcoming years are frightening, and I am willing to listen and investigate the happenings. I hope, in turn, you will share your feedback regarding this all important issue as well.

Read more about Gerald Celente here, or visit his website at


Giving during the Economic Slump

There's an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal today about giving and political affiliations. I've included the summary statement for you here, and hope you find it helpful.

Conservatives don't just give more; they also decrease their giving less than liberals do in response to lousy economic conditions.

Read the full article:  Arthur C. Brooks: Conservatives Have Answered Barack Obama's Call -


What is the Economic Crisis Teaching Us???

"Stocks tumble"
"Dow falls to record low"
"Unemployment at a 3 year high"

The news seems to have a new angle on the same old economic message every day...I wonder sometimes, do they enjoy pushing people toward depression? Is it really necessary to throw the statistical "alarm" out there day after day?

Better yet, what should our views regarding the economy really be? Seriously...what should the stock markets really be telling us? I grow more and more bitter everyday, but not toward the president, or the mortgage lenders. I grow bitter toward the entire "publicly-owned" company philosophy. Sure, the stock market has made a lot of people rich, but isn't there a greater business pursuit than improving the profits of investors? Shouldn't our minds and focus be on the companies that make a consistent profit, but spend their money and their focus on improving the employees they have, rather than on companies who are more likely to cut employee benefits to show greater and greater profits.

I just grow tired of the stock market system...and wonder if there is a better way to channel our business abilities.

"Stocks tumble for second day"