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The Killer App: One Thing that You MUST Do to Grow Spiritually

There's a reason why the Bible is printed and reprinted, given away, translated into every language imaginable, and retranslated over and over to increase its clarity. It's because meeting with God on a personal level is crucial to our spiritual life, and the Bible is the greatest tool available to us for that endeavor.

I have used 365 Day Bibles, Study Bibles, Chronological Bibles, and reading plans from YouVersion in past years. They are all great tools--particularly YouVersion, where I can share key verses and notes with the world via Facebook, Twitter, and

When Willow Creek did extensive research on the things that helped people grow in every stage of their spiritual walk, they came back with one single factor that was important in every stage. One "killer app" - reflection on Scripture. If churches could do one thing to help people at all levels of spiritual maturity grow, the choice is clear: inspire, encourage, equip, and hold their people accountable to reflecting on Scripture for God to speak into their lives.

The First Step:

Often times, the first step is often the hardest, and that's why I leave you with one simple, key stepcover_2013Q2 that will get you into your Bible. There's a devotional that has been faithfully put out for free for many years that is always easy to read, memorable, and drives you to consider Scripture. The Daily Bread. Its available on every major smartphone, every computer, and in print for free by request from

They even have a podcast you can subscribe to, if you prefer to hear it spoken.

I encourage you that if you aren't doing anything else, begin reading this. You won't be disappointed.



I have enjoyed interacting with the Daily Bread recently--and I've really enjoyed having others read it along with me. What better way to be encouraged than to read the same thoughts with someone else, and they to be able to call, text, or meet them face to face, saying, "Thursday's thought really challenged me!"

So when you pick up your copy, pick up a few more, and share them!

We give them away every Sunday at



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