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The Confused Teacher

There was a time in my life where the truth of Scripture seemed so simple, so clear, and so compelling, that all I wished to do was share it with others...and I did. I took each opportunity that came my way, and taught. Lesson after lesson. Notes, Power Point slides, catchy lesson titles...I did it all.

Now, a half dozen years down the road, the truth that once was so crystal clear is a kaleidoscope of one liners, verses, and life experiences that I cannot readily systematize. I have trouble consolidating my thoughts to a 20 minute presentation...and I struggle diligently to separate wisdom I have learned from the world and in the church, from straightforward Biblical truth.

This new tension is deeply frustrating. Although I hope that it leads to a deeper level of understanding and maturity as a teacher, it currently stunts my desire to teach. I feel incompetent..."permanently disorganized".

Perhaps it is a result of being exposed to so many men who have spent their lives studying the Word, and who teach based on their lifetime's work attaining clarity.

"Please, Lord, send me a little insight down here..."

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