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Guarding Against Myself

I am confident that I have one of the best marriages around...and I love Stacy with all my heart. We talk, and laugh, and pray, and play together...and still I would wish for nothing more than longer weekends and more time with her. But love is daily challenged in my life. Lust crouches at the door to my life seeking to breach our relationship.

Life as an American is a constant battle against all the things that our society indulges in and celebrates. I can't go a day without having to turn down the messages I hear from people and advertisements: eating too much, drinking too much, playing too much, being too selfish, and lusting over women that don't belong to me...

Sometimes I grow tired of doing all the filtering. Perhaps that's the new strategy of advertising...wear down their defenses. If that is so, then it's working. I am prone to wander, so after constant bombardment, my sinfulness would like nothing else than free reign on the internet.  I need more than a break from sorting junk, I need a blockade against pursuing it.

A month ago I sought out and installed something that was previously unavailable: a really effective, FREE, internet filter. I've been using the K9 filter for a month now, and I'm loving I want to pass it along to you. It provides high quality filtering for free, for individual users. They sell the filter to businesses, and then use the proceeds of those sales to give it away to individuals.

Best of all...the filter is not easy to disable. As an IT guy who's fought with his share of viruses, I've learned a host of skills that make me a menace to programs both good and bad. In my weakness, nothing is underneath in my strength, I've tried to beat the filter. I can't. If you don't have a filter...give this a try. It's really worth it. After all, it's not costing you anything...except freedom to indulge your sinful self. And that's a road that should be barricaded at any cost...not just when it's free.

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