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Genocide in Nigeria – Pray for our Christian Family

A Jewish Rabbi told me recently that is major shock regarding Christianity came from the fact that we did not react strongly enough to the persecution our fellow believers were experiencing overseas. And it is true--most people have no idea the suffering that other Christians endure today, in other parts of the world. We are hated, despised, falsely accused, attacked, and brutally murdered on a regular basis. This week, a terrible story finally grew large enough to make the news headlines, but these stories are daily occurrences.  Before you dive into the headlines that hit the news, consider looking at and learning more about the difficulty that faith in Jesus Christ brings to the lives of millions of people.

Say a prayer for Nigeria when you read this post, its genocide for the Christians in Nigeria right now, they are brutally murdering our brothers and sisters. 50 people were burned after taking refuge at the pastor's home. Read the full details of the story here...

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