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Assess Your Spiritual Maturity: A Great Christian Growth Tool

Do you know the basic concepts of the faith? Why not take a test and find out?, a site that has long been dedicated to low-cost, high-quality Bible resources has released an assessment tool for discipleship relationships, allowing you to assess yourself on the basic concepts of faith, and also send the results to a leader in your church.

This tool assesses the following areas:

1. Salvation (Soteriology)
2. Assurance (of Salvation)
3. God (Trinity)
4. Prayer
5. Bible Study Methods
6. Baptism
7. Communion
8. The Church (Ecclesiology)
9. Sexual Purity
10. Evangelism
11. Discipleship
12. Spiritual Gifts
13. Giving (Tithing)

The assessment tool comes with the lots of content that helps a person fill in the gaps in areas they find are lacking, and guides the person with additional tracking tools, like a Bible Reading plan.

This assessment tools is currently under development, but represents a great, free tool for us to use. If you are interested enough to check it out, please also use the feedback links at the top and bottom of to send Tony Tucci your feedback.

Here is the link (click), but if it stops working for you,

Visit – Click on the Link for Users – Then Click the link on the top right that reads: “Path to Spiritual Maturity Get Started on your path today!"

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