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2012 Goals

It's a new year again, and a traditional time for me to think through the things I want to accomplish this year. I find that the more I put on paper each year, the more I accomplish. These will be framed and placed on the wall soon when I finalize them, but I wanted to encourage you by passing these along. Send back yours, as you have time!

Stay in Shape:

  • Exercise 2x per week (and lose weight to 140 lbs)
  • 7+ Day Detox starting January 17th
  • Eat Healthier: 2 pieces of fruit/day and regulate sugar intake: DrP., Ice Cream, candy
  • 2 Triathlons and 1 Half Marathon, Possible Bike Race


Lead the Home in Spiritual Growth:

  • Regular Nightly Prayer with Stacy
  • Regular Bible Study and Journaling
  • Special Worship Opportunities, concerts
  • Consistent Accountability



  • West Cost: Derrick in Seattle
  • Weekend Getaways: Chicago or New York
  • Israel with the Hannahs!
  • Turkey? India?



  • Complete Thesis
  • Graduate!!!
  • Find Job



  • London Missions Project
  • Complete Application Process with Missions Agencies
  • Finish Praying through Operation World
  • Regular Witnessing/Community Canvassing Trips
  • Church Tech Blog



  • Sell house in Atlanta
  • Continue Support of Missionary Families – Strive for Better Communication (Skype)


Personal Growth:

  • Complete Personal Bible Reading through Chronological Bible, Start Book Studies
  • Solitude: Periodic Days of Reflection, Personal Hiking Trip
  • Read the Quran



  • Fun: Bill Bryson or Riding the Blue Moth
  • What the Dog Saw – Malcolm Gladwell
  • Spiritual Leadership: Training 4 Trainers, Experiencing God

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