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2011 Goals

I'm a crazy person at the beginning of each year. I LOVE to make resolutions every time January comes around, and I usually fill an entire sheet of paper with them.

As such a passionate goal setter, I'm prone to ask others about their resolutions, only to get a lot of blank stares and goofy "you're crazy" looks. So if you're a goal setter too, please send me your goals and your thoughts on mine, which I've shared below:

2011 Initiatives

Stay in Shape:

  • Exercise 2x per week (and lose weight to 140 lbs)
  • 7+ Day Detox starting January 17th
  • Eat Healthier: 2 pieces of fruit/day and regulate sugar intake: DrP., Ice Cream, candy
  • Bi-monthly 5k’s or Triathlons: Blackland Tri, Cooper Clinic Tri, Tulsa Run 5k

Lead the Home in Spiritual Growth:

  • Regular Prayer on Sat or Sun
  • Regular Bible Study and Journaling
  • Special Worship Opportunities, concerts
  • Better Discussion regarding our spiritual lives
  • More romance of my wife


  • Big Bend Camping Trip (Spring Break)
  • Possibly Northeast: Dean and Corbie and Liberty University
  • Possibly West Cost: Derrick in Seattle and/or Lindy in San Diego
  • Weekend Getaways: Chicago, TX B&B, Houston


  • Complete Thesis
  • Internship at Church
  • Teach a Lay Institute Class


  • Victim Relief
  • Complete Application Process with Missions Agency
  • Read through Operation World


  • Sell house in ATL
  • Give more money outside of the tithe
  • Try to motivate a cheaper and more giving Christmas with family

Personal Growth:

  • Regular Personal Bible Reading through Chronological Bible
  • Regular Reading in the Original Languages
  • Solitude: Periodic Days of Reflection, Personal Hiking Trip
  • Read the Quran
  • Attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit


  • Decision Points
  • Bill Bryson
  • 3 Missions Books

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