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Quotes you Can’t Afford to Miss…

I must confess that I am drive to my knees

by overwhelming conviction

that I have nowhere else to go.

My wisdom and that of all about me

is insufficient to meet the demands of the day.

~ Abraham Lincoln

If God had answered all of my prayers

I'd be traveling the world on my own private yacht

Involved in several romantic affairs

With women whose beauty I longingly sought.

If God had answered all of my prayers

I'd have fame and fortune and beautiful weather

I'd sail along the coast of Spain

And if inclined, stay there forever.

But if God had answered all of my prayers

There I'd be, a millionaire

Beneath the sun a world away

From where I met you that rainy day.

~ Ron Atchison

When I don’t understand something, I reach up and hold God’s hand. And we walk together in silence.

~ Ron Atchison

“Do not look for big opportunities, “worthy” of your abilities. Those will come in due time. The great saints of the Bible started as servants, not rulers: and they were faithful over a few things before God made them kings. Moses tended sheep; Joseph was a steward; David was a shepherd; even Jesus was a carpenter. Live with the eye of God upon you, and forger the praise of men. Serve faithfully in the hidden place, and in due time, God will life you up. Every opportunity for service is an opportunity to exercise sovereignty in Christ. We reign in life by living to serve, to the glory of God.”

~ Warren Wiersbe, Live Like Kings: Living the Beatitudes Today (Chicago: Moody, 1976), 42.

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