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Update on Sudan–Keep Praying

After a peaceful week of voting, the standards have been met and it appears that Sudan will split into two countries—the southern half will have the right to govern itself. This means increased freedom for our Christian brothers and sisters, who are under strict Muslim law created by the north at the present time. It also means a more equal distribution of wealth.

Unfortunately a peaceful vote does not guarantee a peaceful future for the two countries. While things will look up for the south section of Sudan, the north is not happy about the outcome of the vote, and may likely threaten violence in the future. A key border city between the two countries—rich in oil resources—has yet to vote on which country it will choose to be a part of. Mass migration of people from north to south or south to north will place a strain on the infrastructure and resources that provide food, shelter, jobs, and stability. A stable government must form in the south to lead the country through this transition, and substantial changes will likely occur in the north as well—which is already threatening rebellion against its current leaders due to their frustration with the governments inefficiencies.

If you want a full picture of the situation in this country, I suggest two articles to read:,8599,2042218,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

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