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Twisted, Part 1: The Most Amazing Liars on Earth


This post begins a multi-part series of the world's deceptions and decievers. I do not wish to further glorify anyone that the world seeks to use to prop up for purposes of material gain, but I think it important to see the depth of deceit that our fallen human nature is capable of.

Today we consider the case of a man who survived the holocaust in a Nazi camp, and lived to tell the tale, but only used the opportunity to embellish his experiences in pursuit of money and fame. His embellished tale is not the full extent of his deceit...for Herman Rosenblat has not just told a lie, he has spent years perpetuating his story that he was the recipient of gifts of love from a girl outside the concentration camp, whom he later found and married.

He has even drawn his wife and children into the task of repeating the lie, written a memoir recounting the tale (which has not been published), and told his emotional story publically countless times...twice on the Oprah show admist hundreds of thousands of onlooking fans.

All this, for a story and a life that is not true.

Watch his confession on ABC news here:

or read about the story in breif via Wikipedia:

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