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The Real Nuclear Threat: Bombs in Space kill Computers

According to long-standing commissions and reports, the true nuclear problem that faces the industrialized United States, China, and India is the possibility of a single nuclear warhead being detonated centrally over the country. According to present reports, a single unchecked warhead would potentially kill the electronics of the nation, rendering current communications and military defense systems useless and potentially disabling our defenses against additional warheads aimed at physical locations.

Can you imagine a world without computers, phones, and internet access? One act could literally lead to the lack of power, lack of transportation, and lack of financial means. The United States is quickly becoming a nation where mechanical systems for providing those things are almost non-existent due to our dependence upon computer systems. Think for a moment about all the things that have computers running them today…I will interact with a watch, a laptop, wireless internet access, lighted classrooms with projectors, a cell phone, a car, a microwave...and countless other technological devices.

For a long time I have thought the United States has been able to act as a stabilizing force in the world because of our sheer land mass. However, if we were to kill the systems that run this country, I believe we would find a breakdown of basic systems and panic over a lack of communication and lifestyle. Moreover, because we are so far separated from the rest of the world, there would be few fears for collateral damage in an attack on our country vs. an attack on Europe or the Middle East. And while countries like Russia, India, and China enjoy a large mass of land as well, I believe they are far less technologically dependent in comparison.

This is truly a fearful thought. I hope President Obama and his security advisors treat it with urgency.

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