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Statistics Lie…

"50% of  Christian marriages end in divorce"

"The divorce rate is higher for Christians than non-Christians"

"Young people are leaving the church in mass numbers"

I've heard these statistics for a decade now, from church leaders all across America who believe that our nation is quickly dying as a religious power in the world. Unfortunately, most of these numbers are poorly researched and should not be advertised. We should be working hard as a church to win people and disciple them properly, but we should not be doing so out of fear that our way of life is dying...fearful action is no way to pursue the Lord's work.

Finally, someone has seen fit to stand up and provide good statistics. Sociologist Bradley R. E. Wright is publishing a work based on some more solid studies to help correct some of the statistical errors that our nation has come to believe, and in doing so, he may well change our perception of Christianity.

Keep an eye out for his book, Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites ... and Other Lies You've Been Told

and read the article by Christian Post here, if you want more information...

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