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Rapture Predictions: Repeating History in More Ways than One…

Harold Camping has been the center of media attention for the past couple of days, which I guess is what you get when you spend $100 million dollars to advertise that the world is going to end, before finding out you were wrong…again!

That’s right, in case you weren’t aware, this is Camping’s third “certain” doomsday prediction. The others happened over a decade ago on May 21, 1988, and September 7, 1994, so long ago that my professors remember the controversies from the time they were students here at my seminary. It’s sad to know that the same guy has been able to gather a following twice now—and it am sad to say that it reflects poorly upon the American people and upon Christians that a false prophet is not easily recognized and discounted—Camping should have disappeared into oblivion after his first incorrect prediction.

Unfortunately, Camping is not willing to concede his position this time—he believes that the date has triggered a new era in God’s judgment of the world, and he’s pressing for us to wait another five months for the climatic events that God will begin on October 21st, 2011. Four dates, really? Come on Harold, give up already!!! You’re embarrassing the rest of us, and your repeating history you should have learned from!

Another man has created his own religious movement by predicting the end of the world before. William Miller predicted that the world would end on October 22nd, 1844, based on the passages available in the book of Daniel. When this didn’t happen, the movement went on to change a physical appearance of Christ into a spiritual one, and evolve an entirely new religious movement out of the “Christian” prediction that Christ was coming.

Needless to say, this trick is getting old. I hope Harold Camping really is confident in his works, because he faces a severe judgment from the God he says is coming to the earth. I’d hate to be in his shoes when Jesus sets the record straight, in person!


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