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Human Trafficking… (and bad statistics)

The Superbowl has become a rallying point for activists against human trafficking. For Texas residents, it feels like the bandwagon that everyone is supposed to jump on this year, just like the green movement was in 2009. While I do appreciate the passion and the nature of the cause being advertised, I feel like a lot of extremely unfounded statistics are being thrown around--numbers in the 100,000's--when the real numbers are closer to the 10-20,000 range in the U.S.

I'm a proponent of good research, honest discussion, and firm action. If you are curious about this same issue, please take time to review sites other than the ones that are simply promoting rallys. Take time to view the true stats, and feel free to use some of the links I've shared below. Please specifically note that the FBI and the U.S. State department have websites and reports dedicated to this issue locally and globally.

A Texas specific Report:

The FBI lists the actual numbers 15,000-18,000

Central Texas lists 20,000

This site lists 17,500 as crossing the border for this purpose:

The U.S. State Department report fails to list any stats on trafficked individuals: except to state the global total in their report.

Even Wikipedia gives far smaller figures that these promotional sites:


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