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Donald Trump plays “the Christian card”…are you convinced?

Donald Trump is working with the Christian Broadcasting Network to promote his stance that he is a Christian. In clips of an interview that will appear on the 700 Club and other programs, Trump talks about his reverence for the Bibles that people send him and his efforts to attend church on special days like Easter and Christmas. Hmmm…

Do those things make a person a Christian?

More and more we are hearing people who like Jesus calling themselves Christians. But which Jesus are they talking about? And how are they following him? Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unitarians, Buddhists, Muslims and others can all say that they follow Jesus to some extent. Some consider him a good teacher, some consider him a prophet, and some consider him to be “the son of God.” None agree on exactly what he taught or who he was. Are they Christian?

Christians hold a very specific view of Jesus. We take the writings of men who testify to have lived with and died for Jesus during the first century—documents that date all the way back to the century in which He lived and documents that date from before His birth that testify to what He did.

Those documents, unlike single author documents of other religions, explain that Jesus is the Son of God. They speak of our need for the forgiveness of sin, and our utter hopelessness to get to heaven without the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. They make it clear that Christians are people who believe in the Jesus of the Bible, who believe HIs work alone can give them eternal life, and who have experienced the power of God’s Spirit coming to dwell in their lives and begin the transformative process here on earth.

I don’t know Donald Trump that well, but I have a pretty good suspicion that he has not experienced the saving power of Christ or the transformation of the Holy Spirit. I think he’s just trying to get votes.

Do those things make me want to vote for Donald Trump as a political candidate?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I prefer a truly Christian candidate over a non-Christian one. I am not thrilled with prospects of Trump running for President. I’m sending up a lot of prayers for the 2012 election!

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