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Detox Time! (7 Day Detox Miracle)

It's that time again, time for the weekend from Hell. Three days, water only. Sound crazy? It is. Crazy good.

I bet you're thinking "I couldn't do that!" Let me empathize: it messes with your blood sugar, it makes you queasy and achy and grouchy and sick...but in the end, its worth it. You endure hell while your body processes out its built up toxins: your liver does a major filtration of your blood, your stomach and intestines relax and deal with any lingering food, and your taste buds reset from all the sugar that you've taken in. By the end of the third day, you feel pretty good. Weak, but good.

But wait, "What happens after day three?" you ask. Fruits, vegetables, and rice. A cocktail of natural, healthy, easy-to-digest foods gets you back on track to eat healthier for the rest of the year, and gives your digestive tract a slow relaxing return to the daily routine of digestion.

Stacy and I have been doing this once a year for a while now. This should be year #4 for us. We should probably do it more often based on how much Dr. Pepper and greasy food we eat, but it's a good way for us to reset our diet in the new year. And there really is a lot of good science behind it. The book 7 Day Detox miracle is what first convinced me to do it, not by explaining the program, but by explaining the science.

If you haven't sealed your 2011 reading list yet, I recommend that you add the book. If it convinces you to give the detox a try, let us know! Maybe we'll do it together!

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