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Countdown to Launching Prestonwood Dallas

One month from now, Prestonwood Dallas will host its first official live service at Hillcrest and Arapaho. It's a very intimidating thought, because we are expecting quite a crowd on our first Sunday and have only had a short amount of time to prepare. Since we purchased the property in May, we've had crews busy painting, fixing, and praying over our new building. Signs have been up for over a month now outside the church, in neighborhood yards, and in the hands of our members all across the Metroplex...and there's no shortage of unchurched people in that part of Dallas!

With a core group of a few hundred members, we are preparing to host a crowd of a thousand or more: parking them, caring for their children, welcoming and directing them, and producing a dynamic worship service intended to do one main thing: share the gospel and compel them to join us in following Christ. Its exciting, a little scary, and a huge step of faith for our small crew of staff and volunteers, but we're trusting the God who has led us to this step of ministry, and depending on Him for great results.

You only get one first impression, and we're hoping we allow God's people and presence make a HUGE one in the lives of those who join us on August 21st.